Lap Dance Tips from a Stripper

Dim the lights, grab a chair, throw on a song that makes you feel sexy and put on a show for your man. Ladies, the key to a great striptease is confidence. Put on an outfit that makes you feel hotter than the sun, and make sure its easy to slip off 😉 If you want to use props, have them ready.

Try handcuffing his arm to the chair while straddling him. Make sure you are sitting far enough back on his lap that he can still see you. Slowly remove your clothing, one piece at a time. Make him wait for it.

Next, take of his tie, unbutton his shirt . Keep undressing as you tease and tantalize him inches away from his reach. As you continue to disrobe, both of you will get more and more excited in anticipation of what comes next! 

Remember to have fun with this ladies! Your man won’t judge. If you want to a more in depth lesson – check out our striptease workshop. One of our professional exotic dancers will come to your party and show you the moves! 



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